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BING is very quick at identifying recently updated pages and comes in handy when looking for news or a content-based search requiring updated information. In fact, BING’s updated pages will gain popularity as compared to idle pages. It is very important that the page title contains the key words that would summarize the contents of the page. BING often favours websites with older domains focusing more on the relevance of the page title rather than the contents on the page.

It is important to build as many backlinks to a website as possible. However, a good link is sometimes better than 100 regular links, as a bad link will lower rankings. So, a person must be sure that the links to his or her page are strongly related to its contents. It is best to keep all URLs static and simple. A static URL is easier to bookmark and index because it doesn’t penalize page rankings if a link to a page is outside of the website.

Even though BING is a fairly new search engine, it is visually organized to keep things simple. BING is an amazing new way of marketing any company!

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