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Let’s get right into it. Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI. Meaning you can’t cheat search engines. We have a keyword; say catering hall rentals in Burlington County. But how many times can we use that exact match term on a webpage with 500 words? 4? 5? Maybe 6, but then you might be pushing your luck. When utilizing LSI, you’re not stuffing that one keyword all over the page, you’re thinking of synonyms and other ways to get your point across.

Search marketing professionals and copywriters should get familiar with the term “Latent Semantic Indexing” as we head into 2015. It’s a way for you to convey to users a more natural way of speaking. User generated content with LSI.

Why LSI Keywords?

Google’s emphasis on LSI makes your site more visible for certain queries. Your webpage is made up of title tags, meta tags, H1 tags, and keywords, all of which are used to lure search engines to your site. If it’s clear you’re selling sports equipment, searches like baseball bats, hockey pads, helmets, and football gloves might trigger your site to show up in the results.

If you can incorporate the semantic terms in your article, along with the primary keywords, your content won’t sound forced and you can appear in results for searches of phrases you aren’t even targeting. Whether you’re writing a blog, whitepaper, or natural content for an interior page of your website, LSI keywords provide a number of benefits for your content. Here are just a few:

  • Engagement. You don’t want to bore your visitors. Users who land on your site are looking for information or a product. They don’t want to read the same keywords stuffed in the content four times in the first two sentences. Grab the attention quickly without running through your keyword density. When readers skim your content, you’ll be able to appeal to their needs when using LSI keywords.
  • Rankings. Everybody wants to see their organic rankings increase. As yours site gets indexed, search engines will use the semantic keywords to determine what your page is really about. Using this approach greatly enhances how they determine your content’s quality. Write for the reader by using synonyms, and the bots will take notice.
  • New Themes. Use the semantic indexing keywords to enhance the topics you choose to write about on the pages of your website. If you need ideas, use tool like the Google Keyword Planner or Trends or Alerts to understand what your target audience is searching for, and use the terms you find to your advantage.
  • Avoid Penalties. The latest Google algorithm changes are aimed at penalizing low quality sites and those that try to spam the search engines. Remain natural, don’t stuff your keywords, and allow your content to show up in search results for more than just the primary phrase’s query.

It’s important to deliver high quality content, but it’s more important to allow your readers to enjoy the content and find what they’re looking for without bouncing. Provide a natural experience, enable the crawlers to understand exactly what your page is about, and see your traffic, sales, and rankings increase. It can take some time to find the LSI keywords that work for your site, so tackle that obstacle as we ring in the New Year. Get started on researching and implementing LSI keywords. It’s beneficial, and it works.

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If you own a Netflix subscription, you know the excitement you get when you hear your favorite show is now streaming. Typically Netflix will alert you if a new show is streaming by email or when you log in. What if I told you Twitter can alert you about upcoming new shows on Netflix? Well it’s true and it worked.

Twitter tested out their “Neflix Reminder” feature with a Netflix Original show called, “Marco Polo”. One of my co-workers, Ryan Clutter, wanted to see if he would actually be reminded, or if Twitter was performing some kind of ruse. On Ryan’s Twitter feed, he came across the tweet with the feature, “Tweet Me a Reminder.” When you select the option to be reminded, you are then prompted to tweet about it with the hashtag #NetflixReminder and mentioning @MarcoPoloMP. This alerts Netflix you want to be reminded, and the series official account what you want to be reminded about.

1SEO blog - Marco Polo

That Friday, Ryan received a reply tweet from Marco Polo letting him know it was now streaming on Netflix. The tweet said, “@Ryan1seo You have been called to face the Khan. You may now begin streaming.” Talk about convenience. Ryan was not only reminded but was given the direct link to watch the show. At the push of a button, you can now be alerted when a show you would like to watch is streaming on the platform.

1SEO blog - Marco Polo 2

Ryan received a reply tweet, an email and a notification on his phone through the Twitter app. Do you think Ryan knows Marco Polo is now streaming? Wait, there’s more. Ryan also received a “direct message” on Twitter stating, “The reminder will come in as an @Reply from the @MarcoPoloMP Twitter account, directed at each user who has opted in, as soon as the episodes are available at 12:01AM Pacific time on December 12, and will include a custom video message from the cast.”

1SEO blog - Marco Polo 3

Ryan and I have monitored other shows we like on Netflix and have not seen the “Tweet Me a Reminder” button yet. It seems to be they were testing the feature out.

Social media is going mobile, and aiming to provide users with more interactions and engagements at their fingertips. As Netflix and Hulu are increasingly releasing original series, you won’t be able to see an abundance of commercials. Social media is a hub that will allow subscribers to these services know exactly when they can start watching a show of interest. It’s an innovative attribute to world of social media.

Personally, I hope they continue to roll out this feature with other shows and movies. This partnership could be huge. We cannot wait to see what comes of this feature!

1SEO blog - Marco Polo 4

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If you haven’t already jumped on the Instagram bandwagon I suggest you do it now because of its sheer popularity and its effectiveness as a social media marketing tool.  Plus, for those of you that are still in the dark—Instagram is also owned by Facebook.

Instagram Just Keeps Growing In Popularity

As stated in an article on DigitalTrends.com, as well as mentioned on Instagram’s Wikipedia page, the amount of Instagram users grew by nearly 25% in 2013 whereas Facebook only grew about 3%.  Also, as someone who uses Instagram, I find myself drawn to the application because of the fact that I can view ONLY photos and videos.  My Facebook has become convoluted with random statuses of people posting this and that, so there is something that I admire about Instagram being a place where only photos and very short videos can be shared (although I’ve seen some people take a snapshot of their Facebook status and post it to Instagram!  Knock it off!!)  In fact, after viewing my Facebook I view my Instagram account immediately after…

Anyway, Why Is It An Effective Marketing Tool For Businesses?

  1. It’s fun.
  2. You can showcase your products, services as well as employees.
  3. You can tell a story.
  4. You can use hashtags.

Although those four things I mentioned above sound like something that you can do with every other social media site out there, Instagram sets itself apart purely because you are posting photos and short videos.

Second, Facebook OWNS Instagram.  Therefore, if you are using Facebook to post photos relating to your business, why not add Instagram into the mix?  It just makes sense—especially if more and more people (Facebook users or not) are joining every day.

What I have mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg as to how Instagram can be an effective marketing tool.

If you want to know what to post I suggest checking out a previous blog post written by 1SEO.com’s Social Media Director, Grace Stasky, titled: “Created an Instagram for the Workplace – Check. Now what to post?

With the growth that Instagram has seen over the past year, there is no denying that it is time for businesses to start marketing where there users are starting to spend their time apart from Facebook and Twitter—Instagram.  Now, let’s see how much growth Instagram achieves in 2015…stay tuned…

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Are you preparing for the upcoming holiday season?  Staying up-to-date with local SEO and the holidays can help benefit your business in many ways. If you follow some of these local SEO Tips, you can head into the New Year with boosted traffic and ROI.

1. Consistency and Accuracy of Online Listings
Keeping your NAP+W accurate and consistent is important.  NAP+W stands for name, address, phone number and website.  Keeping your listings consistent and accurate helps keep the false business locations from being listed and ranking. If your local listings are inaccurate and inconsistent across the board, your local SEO plans can be terminated because you won’t be found online.

2. Become Creative with Holiday Promotions and Specials
Holiday promotions and specials can help boost sales.  While you are prepping your website for the holidays, make sure your promotion is what the visitors really want to see.  This upcoming holiday season, create a holiday hashtag to help start engagement with your brand and/or product.  Become creative with contests, as well. As an example, Gap was doing a pin your holiday wish list for a chance to win a gift card.  Create a countdown to your homepage to a certain promotion or holiday event.

3. Implement Holiday Images on your Website and Social Media
Uploading a cover photo on Facebook with a nice holiday image will be beneficial because it is the first thing people see when they look at your Facebook page.  Using the holiday season to your advantage with timely images can help bring in more traffic and entice people to check out your website.

4. Be Better Than your Competition
When preparing your local presence for the holiday season, you may want to ask yourself what makes you stand out compared to the bigger companies?  What will make people purchase or use my service over my biggest competitor? The holiday traffic and holiday online shopping on the web continues to grow, and analyzing your competitors will give you the upper hand.

These tips can help, just remember to stay on top of trends with your business and the time of the year to get the correct promotions out there for your business.  These are just a few tips you can use to help increase your traffic and ROI. The holiday season is a huge time of year for internet sales. Don’t let it pass you by without increasing revenue.


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If there is one thing I have learned at 1SEO.com this past year, it is that content will forever be one of the most important ingredients to have in order to yield a fruitful search engine optimization campaign.  While most might argue that links are the most important—and I totally agree, the thing that is used to both make and acquire these links is content—whether it is an infographic, article, press release, blog, or even a graphic.

Content is important because it is the bait used to acquire links, and therefore, it will continue to do just that in 2015.  However, the thing that people need to think about for the New Year is:  What makes my content worth linking to and/or reading?

Two Words:  Engaging & Informative


Content should be engaging because it allows the reader to be immersed in the topic.  In other words, readers should feel like they can connect with the topic almost instantly, as well as learn something that they never knew so it should be…


Google’s Hummingbird update taught us that content needs to be extremely informative, as well able to answer a user’s search query.  Therefore, in 2015, marketers and content writers should be focusing on ways to make their content able to answer the questions people might ask Google to solve for them.

With the Hummingbird bird update in full swing, the professionals at Google are certainly trying to make the search engine respond like a human would.  Therefore, think about how your content will be relatable to a human being as you write it.  And how can you do that?  Make it engaging and worthwhile to read!

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As 2014 is nearing its end, we are rounding out another year of Google algorithm updates to shift focus on user experience. From results in the SERPs to website quality, the main question Google considers when showing results for a query is how will that site help a user answer their questions or meet their needs.


When you’re selling a product or a service, you want to build your brand and make sure you’re attracting your target audience. Brand awareness includes a variety of content strategies, much more than blogs. The focus remains on content, but you have to consider expanding past blogs to enhance your exposure. This can be done by providing your users with:

  • Webinars
  • White papers
  • Newsletters (through email)
  • Visual Content to make your text stand out
  • Guest Blogs by other experts in your industry
  • E-Books
  • Podcasts
  • Live Presentations from your employees about a specific service or product

Stay close to your user. The first thing you see on Google’s guidelines says, “Focus on the user and all else will follow.” While keywords and phrases are still paramount for crawlers to distinguish what your page is about, creativity will be the focus of 2015. Creatively display content that your users will find engaging, and make them want to learn more or browse your site further.

Social media engagement and posts will increase awareness to your brand. In order to build a following and establish loyal customers, it is important to provide a fun experience. Memes, graphs, infographics, pictures, and other visuals attract a wider audience and can lead to more traffic, as well as an increased ROI. Use social media to show your personal side, share client interactions, and drive traffic to your site.


Become more mobile friendly. If you don’t have a responsive site yet, what are you waiting for? If your audience is using mobile devices, you should be structuring adaptive, mobile content to increase user engagement on mobile devices.

Think about the algorithm changes. Panda was updated in September, and when you had duplicate content, a high bounce rate, excessive anchor text links, over-optimized content, low word count, or a site that took too long to load, you were probably affected. Many websites were. If you were one of the lucky ones, don’t think you’re in the clear. Algorithms are frequently updated, and you have to enhance your content marketing strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

To display additional value, your content must be geared toward particular goals. You have to think about your strategy, how it’s helping, and its execution. Using a number of platforms to distribute your content, taking advantage of social, and using your words to provide value to your audience is the wave of the future. It’s content on-demand. And it’s not going anywhere. Start preparing your strategy for 2015 before it’s too late.

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Everyone in this space knows that if you don’t provide a great user experience, it’s going to hurt you in the SERPs. The solution has been to make sure that your website is easily to navigate and provide the answers that users are looking for. Google has taken this a step further. Mobile search has become increasingly a point of interest, especially with the explosion of Google Voice Search.

Google has been penalizing sites who provide searchers a bad experience when searching with their mobile device. What they now do is provide mobile-friendly websites some sort of label or tag which increases their rankings on mobile search. Now the key is for businesses to create as friendly of a mobile site of possible.

This really shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone. It’s no secret how popular mobile search is becoming and more people are “on-the-go” looking for restaurants or cool places to shop at. What do you think Google’s Hummingbird update was for? It was created on the idea that people want to get the most local search results from their location on-the-go.

You have to be more excited than afraid of this update. When you think about it, you should have already been doing this months, or even years ago when smart phones were introduced. Companies who have been trying to ignore mobile may find themselves in some trouble, but eventually they’ll have no choice but to come around. If you have always been doing the right things and keeping yourself on the forefront of these things, then you’re not going to have any problems. In fact, you’re probably about as psyched as I am!

Happy MOBILE searching :)

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What do you get when Snapchat and Square form a partnership? Snapcash! Snapchat announced their new partnership with Square in efforts to make transferring money through the photo sharing app. Snapchat tells all in their blog and videos, “We’re huge fans of the folks at Square and have been big admirers of Square Cash since it launched – just type a dollar amount into the subject line of an email and send cash to friends. Genius!”

Now, this may sound like a great marketing scheme, and most certainly moving forward into the future, but is it safe? Snapchat reassures users that their money and information will remain safe. This is where square plays a role. Snapchat guarantees its users by saying, “We set out to make payments faster and more fun, but we also know that security is essential when you’re dealing with money. Square has a ton of experience in this area and our teams have been hard at work to make Snapcash a great experience for everyone.”


If you are 18 year old and have a debit card, Snapcash is now available to you! Users in the United States can use this feature. After testing, we will see where Snapchat takes Snapcash next.

Remember when social media’s purpose was to reconnect with old friends or maybe your only friend, “Tom”? Social media is changing every day. Facebook and Twitter are now online shopping outlets and Snapchat allows you to send money to friends. What will be next? The time will only tell and 1SEO.com cannot wait!


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I’m sure everyone heard about Google updating their Penguin algorithm the other week. It’s a pretty big deal, especially because this update has been so anticipated, it has had webmasters and SEO’s salivating. After over a year, Penguin 3.0 finally began rolling out. If you have been doing the right things, cleaning your backlink profile and building quality organic links, then you should have seen your efforts pay off big time. If you ignored everything, well… your website probably doesn’t exist anymore.

The interesting part about Penguin 3.0 is, rumor has it, that the update is not fully completed yet. I think Google is still making tweaks and rolling out the update. I have heard that only half the update may have started rolling out as of October 17, 2014.

The other interesting and very notable part, is that Google says they will no longer be announcing Penguin algorithm updates. Google says that Penguin 3.0 is the final announced updated to the algorithm because it is becoming part of their algorithm, and expect all webmasters and SEO’s to know that as common knowledge.

This update was very much needed and I’m really excited to see what happens to the clients I’ve been working on in the upcoming weeks. Penguin should be ran much more often, similar to Panda, and therefore make link removal and building that much more important. Thus far I’ve seen great results and it’s interesting which link building tactics have been working and which ones may not be so effective. It was also a little grey as to what some websites were hit by, because Google rolled out a Panda update at around the same time as Penguin. Shouldn’t be surprised by a move like this because Google wants webmasters and SEO’s to have to guess at what the underlying issues may be.

I’m curious, with Google no longer announcing Penguin updates, what effects if any there will be in terms of communicating with webmasters about links via Google Webmasters Tools. They have been trying to improve communications and insights with sites that have been hit with Manual Actions, but now they claim they are going to keep things under wraps? Google already doesn’t notify you if your site is being affected by Penguin, I guess how much more could they hide? I can’t imagine they could possibly be less informative after you file a reconsideration, right? I guess only time will time.

Keep an eye on those links!

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Google is constantly updating their Webmaster Tools features from the basics to advanced features.  The feature of “Change of Address” is for those who are moving an old domain to a new domain.  While you’re in the process of making this change it is important to follow these guidelines to help make the transfer smooth.

The new change helps webmasters walk through the process of using the tool and making sure the important steps of moving a website is still being used.  John Mueller from Google said the tool will now “guide you through a part of the process” by:

  • Double-checking that you have the websites verified.
  • Verifying the redirects is active and correct.
  • Confirming that the redirect doesn’t break verification.

Here is a screen shot of the updated feature in Webmaster Tools:








Google believes this will help webmasters who had issues with the tool previously.  If you are moving a website make sure you are following the correct guidelines and to help the transfer use this tool.

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