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As smartphones are becoming a way of life, how we find answers to life’s daily questions, the importance for search engines to implement a conversational search platform has never been so essential.

Google has had conversational search for quite some time. Android devices and Chrome users are equipped with a feature called “OK Google.” Users simply say “OK Google,” and the search bar pops up for talk to search. It was only a matter of time for Microsoft to follow suit with Bing. Through extensive work and understanding of implementing “conversational” into the platform, users of Bing will be treated to an experience they haven’t seen before.

Let’s face it. One question doesn’t always satisfy you. Then we have to change our query to find out more. Now, Bing allows you to talk to it like you’re asking a friend, or a teacher a question. It remembers your initial query, so you can ask follow up questions regarding the same subject. This defines the term conversation. It’s similar to Microsoft’s Cortana, a rival of Siri, who can have a conversation with you, and remind you of certain inquiries you’ve brought up in the past.

With conversationally relevant searches, you can get answers to all of your questions simply by keeping the conversation going. Say you have a report or want a better understanding of the current president of the United States. Check out this example of my conversation with Bing about the Obamas:

Bing President

It tells me right underneath the query that Barack Obama is president. My eye level doesn’t even have to move. Yes, Google does that too, but now look at my next query.

Bing Where from

Without specifically asking where Obama was from, I used the term “he.” Bing remembered my last query was about Obama. And the conversation continues…

Bing Michelle

Bing Where she from

Bing children

Since there are no Wikipedia pages for the kids, Michelle Obama’s knowledge graph is still featured. But my conversation still continues…

Bing children from

The feature is brand new, released in the middle of August, and there’s still a lot of work to be done. The conversation platform doesn’t work for every question, though Bing is trying to get there in the future. Soon, you’ll be able to converse with Bing on a variety of levels, asking questions about a certain topic of interest that will yield immediate results. Look for additional improvement in the coming weeks.

As the search engine makes its plea to attract Google users toward their platform, this conversation will be kept alive for quite some time.

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When you or your company are re-tweeted by industry leaders or gain more likes on your Facebook rapidly, you most likely feel accomplished and that you’re on the right track. Your audience is engaged and sharing your posts with their audience. On top of all this, your competitors are trying to learn from you. But how did you get here?

First things first, it is vital make sure your social media platforms are filled out completely. All of the information must be correct, and your profile photos should be engaging and capture your company as a whole. Once everything is setup, it is time to create your social media strategy. Depending on your industry and business model, your social media strategy may vary. In your strategy, you will want to research your audience. What does your audience want to see, learn and take away from each social media platform? Are they here to be entertained? Are they visiting your Facebook to learn new industry trends? Or perhaps they are there to see what your menu or services have to offer. Whatever the case, you will want to center your strategy on these ideas.


From here, you will be able to start developing viral-worthy content. For example, most of us know by now what is the Ice Bucket Challenge. If you are not sure what the Ice Bucket Challenge is, this campaign that went viral on various social media platforms. The basic concept of this is to be nominated to dump a bucket ice water over your head, nominate three other people and then donate to the ALS Association. If you do not complete this task or do not want to dump the ice cold water over your head, then you can just donate money to the charity. While completing these simple task, you video tape it and then post to one or more social media platforms. The idea is pure genius; it benefits those who are fighting ALS and is simple for most people to complete. Since this campaign went viral, the ALS Association has reached $22.9 Million in donations. Now that is what I call success.

Check out 1SEO.com’s President and Founder, Lance Bachmann complete the Ice Bucket Challenge. Lance nominated the entire company of 1SEO.com and two other companies. In return, Lance Bachmann stated that for every one of his employees who complete the challenge, he will donate to the ASL Association.

Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/M5up0vYV5tg

ice bucket challenege

Overall, we all want to produce well written content that will go viral, but it is important to have a strategy before trying to accomplish this. Meet with team members, check out the competition and most importantly, have some fun! If you completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, like Lance Bachmann and 1SEO.com, share your videos with us!

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As a Project Manager at a professional SEO firm, we look at all aspects of what affects rankings.  One of the aspects of owning a secondary website involves business owners knowing whether or not they have duplicate content.

So, what is duplicate content?  Duplicate content is defined as repeated content that appears on multiple websites on the internet.

Duplicate content has been shown to have an adverse effect to clients who have the issue.  As part of my ongoing efforts to enhance the performance of our clients’ websites, there have been two specific clients who are suffering from duplicate content.

I run clients’ websites through a duplicate content checker on an on-going basis.  It tells me when too much content is being duplicated from the primary website, what percentage of content is duplicated, and it also lists the other site(s) where the duplicate content resides.

With these two specific websites, I found a common similarity… the clients had a secondary website that they used for additional lead generation. In other words, a secondary marketing website.  It is OK to have a secondary marketing website, as long as it is created carefully.

One of the biggest issues with these secondary websites is that clients have to fill them with text.  In order to take the easy road, they just copy the text from their primary website and place it on the secondary website… which is a big no-no.

According to Matt Cutts, head of the Google’s Webspam team, it’s important to realize that around 25-30% of all content on the web is duplicate content. Google is aware that it’s a natural fact this occurs, especially when quoting someone else’s content with a link back to the original post.

But when the amount of duplicate content starts to exceed those levels, you will start to see a negative impact on either the primary website or the secondary website, as one of them is copying from the other. When copying content word-for-word, you are creating an atmosphere of negative duplication, which will be counted against you in Google’s eyes.

The Bottom Line

Use fresh content for each of the website.  Content is king.  If you have a secondary marketing site and you are using the same content on both sites, you are only hurting yourself.

If you have a secondary website, let a professional like the ones at 1SEO.com run an audit of your website to determine what duplicate content issues may exist.  The sooner you identify and address the issue, the sooner your rankings will improve.

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Google acquired a new mobile messaging application called Emu.  Emu’s website says they are joining Google and will be shutting down the application in the app store.  How will Google use this technology to benefit the acquisition, will they integrate this with Google Hangouts or start a new messaging system?  Is Google even interested in the texting aspects or are they interested in the virtual assistant aspects of this application?

Emu was founded in 2012 by Gummi Hafsteinsson, former Vice President of product for Siri and a senior product manager at Google and Dave Feldman, which helped design Yahoo Messenger for Windows and for the iPhone.  These two guys are not strangers to the technology world and being innovators.

The functionality of the Emu application was location sharing and reminders to text messaging. And allowing users to setup a “magic reply”, where if a user sends a text to them it’ll respond saying they were driving and couldn’t immediately respond. Emu had a handful of features that would be interesting to the everyday user; it’s a messaging and virtual assistant all in one.  Emu understands the content and context of messages and it will add relevant information to help you get things done faster.

I had no idea this application existed until the news broke about Google acquiring this nifty application, it was released on Android devices late last year and it launched on the iPhone in April.  I am sure Google will take this to the next level and incorporate this into the current features of their own applications.  If our phones keep learning about our daily activities and our needs, they will become our very own personal assistant.  I can see Google taking this application and integrating this with Google Search somehow and provide people the most relevant information while they are doing their daily lives.  Once Google redevelops this application and use this technology, it’ll be interesting to watch what Yahoo’s next move is.  Their application Aviate was supposed to be your personal assistant while you go about your day.

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Google is continuing to tweak and refine their algorithm to ensure the ultimate online experience for their users. Google will now boost the rankings of encrypted webpages. Their goal is to get every website to be using HTTPS moving forward. This will help improve online security and make it much more difficult for personal information to be stolen. This even helps users when they connect to unsecured Wi-Fi connections in airports and Starbucks.

I’m glad that Google is trying to make the internet as safe as possible because this is a huge deal and people steal credit card information, social security numbers, etc. every day. This is a great step in the right direction to really make the entire web secure. The part that I’m not 100% sure about is how or why this would affect websites who don’t need secure webpages. When you visit the average website, you don’t provide any personal information at all. If you are inquiring about a service the most you give is a phone number and maybe an email, right? It seems pretty clear that this is to improve and promote online shopping and to help users discern the safe from the unsafe. If that’s the case, why wasn’t there an update to address this months ago? Oh wait…

Google rolled out their Zebra update in November 2013 which directly affected online merchants. Included in this algorithm update was becoming a Google Trusted merchant to let users know that you were safe. I was under the impression that becoming Google Trusted meant you were an encrypted site and had the HTTPS, but I guess not?

We’ll see how much this update really affects SERPs and if they take into account the fact that the site being crawled is ecommerce or not. Gotta love the move though.

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In a crowd, everyone likes to be noticed. Some gals wear revealing clothing to stand out while guys wear tight muscle shirts. Come on, it’s all a performance to attract attention from the opposite sex or someone in particular. Regardless of the reason, we’re all guilty of this act whether we realize it or not. So, why not continue this act onto social media?

Depending on your business, you should focus on certain platforms. For example, restaurants should post plenty of food photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to lure in customers. Businesses such as hair and nail salons, and spas should tweet pictures of their latest products usings #hashtags. You should always engage with your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Since social media has become such a huge influence in our generation, businesses today need to use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, Pinterest to stay relevant, gain more customers, and increase revenue. If you’re a tech savvy person (like most), then you’ll want to keep updating statuses, posting photos and tweeting.

Keep tweeting!

Posting emoticons and symbols may sound silly, but it actually works to your advantage. Sources like the Wall Street Journal utilize symbols to add bar charts to their tweets. Posting photos and using hashtags is a must! This way, users will more likely find you on the web. Have you ever heard of short, sweet and to the point? Well, you should keep this mentality when using Twitter.

Instagramming all day, every day!

Instagram is used as a source to post pictures. Showing off your photos in a creative way by using different filters will be beneficial to your company. The more pictures you post, the more likely your followers will grow. I can’t stress this enough, always, always include hashtags with every single photo. This will guarantee a larger following. Also, Instagram allows you to post videos. I’m telling you, take advantage of this feature as well!

#Hashtagsfordays on Facebook!

Similar to twitter, as a business, you should be posting pictures, emoticons and hashtags to draw attention. Always pose a question on your page to engage in conversation with your audience. For instance– on Forbes facebook page–they often post their latest stories and include quotes from the article to get others commenting. Additionally, you should always “like” other similar businesses pages in order to gain some attention from others.


From an SEO standpoint, hashtags target keywords and specific topics. This will help others find your business as long as you use it correctly. Just don’t overuse hashtags or spell any words incorrectly. Trust me, this is another way to boost your business!

I would say the biggest ways to grow your company on social media are by always using hashtags, posting plenty of pictures, posing questions, and staying consistent with it. You must utilize these platforms daily in order to stay relevant.

Happy posting!

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The world of a web content writer is much different than that of a creative writer because when writing website content, you have to separate yourself from what you believe is good writing, and give a client what he or she believes is good writing.

I very briefly—almost sort of, touched on this subject in one of my previous blogs “Creative Writing & Content Writing Is Like…,” but I really didn’t go into how different they were.  In fact, I was more focused on describing just how much I loved what I do!


While I like to think that creative writing is similar to that of web content writing, the fact of the matter is, they couldn’t be any more different.  If you are used to using brilliant imagery, metaphors, and very descriptive sentences that describe how green, wet, and soft the grass is, this will be something that will have to take a back seat.  Also, while you may have graduated Summa, Magna, or Cum Laude at said University in their writing program thinking that your skills are unmatched, your web content writing will be met with an often unending amount of criticism.  The fact of the matter is, you will have clients to please, and not everyone is going to like your award-winning tone and style of writing (if you choose to have a career as web content writer.)


If you fear separating yourself from the work that you produce for your clients just because they don’t like how you do it, then this particular job will not be one that you enjoy.  Last but not least, a lot of web content writers work for Internet marketing firms or are Internet marketers themselves.  For example, working as a content writer at 1SEO.com means that you will need to learn about things such as search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, website development, and anything and everything there is in order to be a good web content writer plus Internet marketer.  This job is more than just writing.  If you are looking to just be a “writer” or are used to writing on particular topics and feel uneasy about writing on other ones, you will not succeed as a web content writer.  In fact, you should work towards finding your dream writing job.

While going to school to learn writing is certainly awesome, one piece of advice I would like to offer while learning the trade is to think about where you want to be in the future.  Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be the next Pulitzer Prize winning author, so besides dreaming about that, think about what job you may want to take with that writing degree—it may mean all of the difference for your future career as a writer.  Plus, remember, you will always have free time to work on your poetry, short stories, or novel!

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1seo blog august

When it comes to achieving success and failure, reputation management may contribute more than you think especially in 2014. Organizations and individuals who have developed their online exposure throughout the years can increase their brand and maximize their reputation through increased exposure. In 2014, word of mouth is spread through social media, review sites and testimonials online. Information is spread faster than ever before and more people can share that information with people they are connected with online. Those people may not necessarily know the company, but after the information is shared, pretty soon, everyone will know whether or not you have a GOOD or BAD reputation. Do you want to know a few reasons why every professional, whether they are a hourly employee, CEO of a business, or celebrity needs to have their online reputation managed? Well, here they are:

Increased Exposure

Today, people do their research online to find businesses with the services or products they need. If you have little to no information online, there is a good chance someone will overlook you and go with a competitor. Do you want your business to suffer from that? I think not! Increase your exposure to potential customers or clients by developing your brand via the internet.

Increased Protection

As a business owner, you deserve to have your reputation protected at all times. You need a strategy for when your reputation has been compromised due to bad reviews, or things said about you or your company that simply aren’t true. By developing a reputation management plan early on, you can mitigate the damage already done if any at all.

Increased Power on Search Engines

The more you put content out there on the internet for the world to see, the higher you will come up in the searches. If you have positive content being shared about you or your business, the people who search for you will see you in a positive light. Content is vital in shaping a reputation management strategy.

Look, people go online to view A LOT of different material, whether it’s educational or entertaining. Whatever people are looking at, they are constantly shaping opinions about things. Make sure their opinion of you or your company is fair.

As a leading digital agency, 1SEO.com helps businesses and individuals with creating a successful reputation management strategy. Contact us today for more information on how we can help.


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Content marketing has many facets, but it really comes down to some pretty simple concepts. Attract an audience, post consistently, and let people know who you are. However, writing seems to scare a lot of people, and I’m here to make it a little less frightening.


Don’t worry so much about writing fancy and sounding smart. If you understand what you’re writing, it will show. Imagine you’re explaining your company with your mouth and words, then put it on paper. Come up with a few questions, and then answer them in your piece. For example, what is your company all about? What makes you unique and sets you apart from other similar companies? And if you really feel you have no idea how to make a sentence or do the grammars, that’s what your friendly neighborhood content writer at 1SEO is here to help with.

The fact is, consistently posting and updating with unique content helps businesses retain customers and gain new traffic through link building. Don’t see this as a chore, see it as an opportunity to put anything you want about your business out there every month, week, or however often you decide on.

For press releases, think about something happening in your business. Are there any sales or special promotions you have going on this month? Or maybe September has arrived and a service you offer is particularly useful in the fall, such as chimney sweeping or lawn cleanup.

For blogs, pick a topic related to your industry, and boast your knowledge about it. Don’t be shy. What are the 5 biggest benefits of replacing windows once a year? Or tell us the story of how John C. Window invented the first window. The world wants to know.

Always feel free to ask for more information. At 1SEO, content marketing is for you.

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What is one reason why you would want to set an ecommerce website live and establish your company’s brand within the Internet realm?  If your answer is to get more business, leads, or sales, then you have taken the first step to achieve these goals by launching your website.  However, just launching a website doesn’t always mean that it will convert.  To acquire more business, leads, or sales, one thing that you need to do in order to make this happen is to find ways in which your ecommerce website will get traffic.  In other words, you need to find ways to make people want to come to your website and buy your products.  How can you do this?  Well, one way you can do this is by having a blog on your website, updating it on a regular basis, and sharing your content all over the Internet realm via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and much more.


Content has been labeled king over and over again.  While there are many factors that attribute to the success of an Internet marketing campaign, one thing that is for sure is that you need to generate buzz about your website, services, products, and brand via some form of content marketing.

One simple way to do this is by blogging.  So, even if you have an ecommerce website, having a blog is important because just having the products themselves will not do the trick.  You need to find ways to make them stand out from the millions of other ecommerce websites that sell exactly what you do by having great content.

Plus, while many bigger ecommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay are seen as trustworthy, one thing other smaller ecommerce websites have trouble with is making themselves seen as a reliable source.  Therefore, what are two things blogging will be able to do for your business?  It will help make you be seen as a transparent company, and that there is someone behind the scenes!


Here are also two great reasons why it is beneficial to blog:

You’ll Establish Your Ecommerce Website As Reputable!

To be honest, one thing that makes me weary about purchasing something from an ecommerce website is that I have no idea who is behind the business, nor am I really sure that I am going to get my things when they say I will.  Before I make a purchase, I often browse through the website and either check to see if they have an About page, a Facebook page, and even a blog.  If they don’t, I think that there is something wrong.  After all, I want to know more about the business and what they have to offer because this will make me feel more confident when I go to make my purchase.  If I find an endless inventory or list of products, I will probably leave the website because it wasn’t personable for me.  While my experience and thoughts around this may differ from another, one thing that I need to feel is that I can trust the website.  By blogging, you will have one way in which you can show potential customers that you mean business and that you are not just another ecommerce website in the crowd!

You Have The Opportunity To Get More Traffic Than You Are Already Getting

Blogging will be able to get you more traffic because if you have a Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ etc. you can post blogs to your social media sites.  After all, one reason that you should be utilizing social media sites is to create buzz about your business by posting content!  If you are taking your time to blog, why not post the link to your social media sites?  Posting these links will also allow your website to get more traffic because people will be clicking it to read the entire article.  Plus, after that they may feel inclined to browse the other pages of your website, check out your inventory, and make a purchase!



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    Ranked #1 In The Country
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