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Giving back. A term you hear companies throw around all the time. “We want to give back.” “We would like to give back.” At 1SEO.com giving back isn’t something we think, or say; it is something we do. Giving back is in our blood. Literally.

Two Fridays ago (1/23/15), 1SEO.com was lucky enough to team up with the American Red Cross to help save potentially 30 lives. Members of our staff ventured out in the chilly January air to donate their very life force to help save men, women and children in our community. While giving blood is not an opportunity that presented itself for our entire staff, those who filled the specific criteria all offered themselves up, knowing the sacrifice was well worth the effort.
The actual event took place at a local area Church, The Langhorne Presbyterian Church, and was much to be expected. Volunteers ran the check in table, while highly trained Red Cross nurses admistered the pre-screening and actual blood donating. Afterwards, we were all treated to juice and snacks, and then back to the office with our always popular, “Be kind to me, I donated blood today” stickers.
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The internet is an ever-changing landscape, especially for search engine marketers. As many businesses hear the phrase, “Content is King,” they churn out blog piece after blog piece and hope that their work is read by the masses. Most likely, that’s not going to be the case. Even if you think the content was the most impressive piece of written work for your target audience, there are marketing tactics to ensure you reach the widest audience possible.

Content marketing is a common word in today’s digital age. It’s a way of distributing valuable and informative content that is relevant to your industry and provides unique interest in your word. You want to make sure your audience actually wants to read your content. Make each post or update intriguing, and have the same people coming back for more. Once you establish a reader base, you’ll continue to build on that, and your audience will consistently grow.

Promotion: If you have good SEO on your website, you might think that posting a blog every now and then will be beneficial if the keyword you incorporate into the blog post is ranking on the first page. That’s not the case. Unless your audience has bookmarked your blog and visits the website every day, you’re going to need to promote the content. Promote it through social media outlets, email newsletters, and RSS feeds. It will help if you use an SEO friendly headline with your targeted keyword in the headline, and utilize programs like SEO Yoast in WordPress to optimize your post.

The more shareable your content is, the wider your audience will get.

Curation: You can reach a broader landscape when you consistently provide value to your readers. Curate content from quality sources and mention other articles to establish trust with your audience. Link to other posts and reference them in your own posts to add value. When readers see reputable sources in your content, the shares increase and so does the reach.

Variety: Don’t think blog posts are the be all, end all. Reading endless words on an electronic screen isn’t what your audience wants to do, no matter how great your content is. Mix up the blog posts with videos and infographics that provide value in a different form of content. With infographics and videos, you’ll receive more shares and more visibility.

Analytics: You can use platforms like Google Analytics to track your content marketing. Track the pages that your visitors landed on, how they landed there (referrals), how long your visitors are staying on the site, and if your content is helping conversions. Analytics is an important measure so you know if your marketing efforts are effective.

To compete online, it is important to focus your content to your target audience. Make your content valuable and shareable. Don’t churn out data and blogs and think you’re going to reach a worldwide audience. Often, you start out with a few loyal followers and expand from there. With the proper marketing strategy for your content, you’ll be able to reach the wide audience you never thought you could.

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With the amount of time I have spent running in the past months while training for my second marathon, my mind has plenty of time to wander off. During my runs, my thoughts have ranged from how did someone come up with the concept for Sharknado to exploring the commonalities between distance running and SEO. Since you are more than likely here for information on search engine optimization, rather than a Syfy movie, we will look at its similarities with marathons.

All too often, people enter both worlds with unrealistic goals and expect immediate results. Everyone would love to wake up one day and be able to keep up with Meb Keflezighi and his blistering 4:54 minute-miles for all 26.2 miles of the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately, we have just as good a chance as waking up as the top result on Google.Multinational Forces Compete in Grand Bara 15k

Both take time and patience and all start with humble beginnings. Sure you could cheat your way to the top with performance enhancers and black hat strategies, but once in the spotlight you are going to get caught and there will be some serious repercussions. Much like the like age-old adage, “slow and steady wins the race.”

Building a Workable Base

It all starts with cultivating proper form. Without it, all of your hard work and potential gains will be drastically limited. Unless you have worked with a talented SEO firm in the past, your website is going to need an overhaul before they can work on helping you move up the ranks. Correcting the site’s form is going to take time as keyword research is done and every page is evaluated. Having the proper tags and meta-descriptions and keyword rich on-page content will provide your website with the base it needs to make its run for the top.

Making a Training Schedule

Once you have optimized your form, you are almost ready to start building on that base. Before you start racking up time, you know what strategies and techniques to use for the best results. While you could use one method the entire time and achieve the desired result, it is not going to be nearly as effective as using multiple techniques. Much like how mixing speed workouts with long runs helps the body better repel lactic acid, building links through a mix of web and infographics directories helps the site attract link juice.

Making Progress

With your form and strategy in place, you are ready to start your training. As with running, it may take a few months before you begin noticing improvements. Here is where running and SEO vary. When training you always want more competition, it pushes you and can result in faster gains. In your case, the more competition your keywords have, the more of a challenge you will have and it may take more time to reach the top. In both cases, however, you went in knowing you cannot expect immediate results and it was not going to be a simple walk in the park. Do not get discouraged, soon you will see the progress that you have been working so hard to achieve.

The Wall

So now that things are looking up, you feel great and it seems like you will hit your goal in no time, but all of a sudden you hit a wall and everything you worked for has come to an abrupt stop. I remember the exact spot I hit the wall on mile 20 and still cringe when I drive by it. My muscles screamed for mercy and I thought I would never make it. Since I was not going to let all of my hard work go for nothing, I forced my way through the wall and found new life. Your campaign can hit its own wall as you reach the end of your marathon. Much like you, your competitors have worked hard for these coveted top spots, but you must push on and continue your efforts. Do not get frustrated, just keep building links and adding fresh content and before you know it, you too will have broken through the wall.

Crossing The Finish Line

Once you have crossed the finish line and reached the number one spot, take a minute and enjoy the runner’s high. Much like a runner, you will find that rush to be quite addicting and will not want to stop. Keep going, push for greater things. Turn your marathon into an ultra-marathon and target new keywords. Ending your SEO campaign after reaching the top for one keyword is like never running again after completing your first marathon. All of your hard work will have been for nothing.


Remember, your campaign is like training for a marathon. Magic is not going to happen overnight. You are going to have to work for it. There will be changes that you need to make to push yourself into that elite category. There are times where it seems like things have hit a wall and your work is crashing around you. After persevering through the hard times, you will be rewarded with a rush of success and accomplishment. You can now look back and laugh at all the time you had any doubt and thank yourself for fighting to the top. Congratulations, you did it.

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For search engine campaigns, content is the lifeblood to internet marketing. It is one of the major factors that search engines use to determine where a webpage lands in the rankings. Many people try to take what they think is the easy road to internet marketing by incorporating SEO principles into written mumbo jumbo that doesn’t make sense. Little do they know, they are actually endangering their entire campaign for too many reasons to count.


It’s like inviting the world of internet marketing to your Thanksgiving dinner and stuffing the turkey with way too many keywords and internal links that you can’t even taste the meat. Digital content affects marketing on so many levels that it is important to write pieces that are as natural as possible. If internet marketers dedicate their time to generate natural content, they’ll be on the right track to search engine visibility.


Be Human

Natural content is all about reaching out to an audience of users. When content is being written, it should be aimed towards a real, live audience. You may not hear an applause, but you may experience what I like to call, a “digital” ovation – which is when your visitors link back to you and share your article on their Twitter or Facebook. Besides, if you think your spectators are simply just the search engines that you want to rank high in, you’re basically talking to, well, not a wall – but a robot. And they don’t make good conversations, do they?

seo find

Real Talk

Your sentences should be specific and concise. Make sure you keep keywords as close together as possible for linking purposes. Also, it is best to balance your key word phrases throughout the text. Include a conservative flow within the content to give it that natural touch. Write with a tone that makes readers feel that you are speaking to them. And most of all, be creative.


Natural Strategies

When you write your piece, it should be informative and original. Don’t copy text from another website because it will lower your value meter. The search engines always know. (They know everything, obviously.) Make sure that the topic you are writing about is relevant to your website. If you write about something that has nothing to do with your website, then the search engine will label it as a load of hooey patooey and you won’t gain visibility.


A Genuine Title

Whether your content is a white paper, a press release, or a blog post, the title helps attract users to read it. This greatly impacts your marketing campaign in a positive manner because the search engines will notice that your website is obtaining large amounts of traffic from your content. Your content could be mediocre or naturally amazing, but without a catchy title, it may lack in attracting traffic. Don’t forget, inserting a key word phrase into the title is essential as well.
If you didn’t realize how important natural content is until now, you should know that it is one of the best methods for marketing if it’s done right. Quality content builds website authority by establishing it a presence in the digital world. Not only will your audience trust you and your information, the search engines will too. Don’t waste the communication outlet of content on unethical SEO that won’t get you anywhere. Instead, put on your white hat and make your content SEO campaign have meaning as well as worth.



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One piece of the puzzle in the grand scheme of Internet marketing that has always been around, but appears to be getting more press these days, (especially with the rise of social media and Google’s Hummingbird update) is content marketing.  Content marketing is also a great way to build your brand’s identity because you are constantly putting great information in front of your customers/clients.  Additionally, not only are you demonstrating the fact that you are a thought leader in your industry, but you are giving your customers or clients something new to learnAnd this, in theory, makes them want to come back for more!

Content marketing takes on many different forms such as:

  • Website content
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Infographics

The thing that all four of these forms of content marketing have in common is that they all have the ability to inform your target audience.  Plus, when you are teaching your target audience, they recognize your brand as being one of the most knowledgeable in its industry.  In other words, you are building up its credibility as well as its identity.  Last but not least, the more good content you produce, the more you are putting your brand out there to be heard and thus recognized!

So, now that you know how content marketing can build your brand’s identity up, it will just be a matter of how you execute the proper content marketing strategy.

How You Can Start:

  1. Firmly identity your target audience and where they spend most of their time.
  2. Put much time and thought into creating content and/or visuals that are incredibly engaging whether it is website content, press releases, blogs, or infographics.
  3. Be consistent in your content creation.  The one and done mentality will not suffice because no matter what industry you are in, there is always something new going on!
  4. Prepare yourself to engage with your audience because they will want to know who is behind the scenes.
  5. Revisit step #1 and begin the process all over again!

In the end, how successful content marketing is in helping you build your brand’s identity will be entirely dependent upon how much time you put in it.  And, the same can be said for all verticals of Internet marketing whether it is search engine optimization, paid advertising and/or social media optimization/marketing.  Consistency is key.

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In the past few years, there have been drastic changes related to digital marketing and online marketing campaigns, as well as in search engine optimization.  With the advent of Google’s Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird algorithms, it’s more important than ever to have powerful, original content with useful information, strong links and accurate grammar & terminology


It’s a necessity that this content be written professionally and knowledgeably.  In this business we write for companies that support families and communities, and the content needs to be written with the company’s audience, product and profession in mind.

Another thing we always focus on is the return on investment clients will receive from their digital marketing campaign.  We achieve this through using the best practices related to SEO, Link Building, Pay-per-click campaigns and more.

This is where content co-development comes into play.  Digital content writers (like myself) know what needs to be done to appease Google and other search engines.  We also understand that new SEO is focused on return-on-investment (ROI) and this process can take time.

What content writers need most is information on your business.  Even the most experienced technical, medical and legal writers need background information and good sources to start their work from.  It’s important that if you want results and return-on-investment from the content you are producing, that you carefully work with the people developing it to get what you want, need and deserve as a part of our client family.

How can this be done?  There are many solutions.  One great way to start co-developing content with your content writer is to start a shared document on a program like Gmail or Office 365.


Here’s an example of a shared document and how you might phrase it as you co-develop content.

These shared documents can have anything from rough drafts for review to complete lists of potential topics, talking points and reliable sources.   With co-development, the possibilities are endless.

For those of us who aren’t as confident with shared documents, files can be shared through careful correspondence using e-mails and phone calls – having direct contact with your content writers is a great way to make them feel more confident and comfortable producing content for your business, and confidence will come through in the quality of the fully-developed end product.

The days of paying someone a small fee to write a piece of online content for you and forgetting about it are over.  There’s no shortage of people online offering shady content and link-building deals for $200 or under.  It’s your responsibility as a business owner to realize these offers are usually either a scam, or extremely misleading.

Having a flexible budget and putting in some time to work with your content writers will pay off in the long run significantly.  Often, people ask for flat fees, perfectly predicted production schedules and instant gratification.  However, these things are not practical for developing a truly effective digital marketing campaign.


Through Hummingbird, Google can broaden search terminology. For example “rain coats” could be seen as “rain jackets” or “rain attire”.

SEO takes time, and building a website is not something that can have a flat fee stamped onto it.  You must consider many things: your SEO optimized online content, as well as pay-per-click accounts, development of infographics, the link building process, content development and web development.  If your website has been penalized by Google, and you need to get back in their good graces, this process can be even more of an endeavor.

Your business is your livelihood, and you have probably spent years building it.  Consider that there are many best practices and rules that go along with effective SEO.  When you consider Google algorithms like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon, there is a lot to know and comprehend in the world of SEO.  That’s where your content writer’s experience lies.

When you combine your passion for your business, with the experience, dedication and proven results from 1SEO.com, great things await for your business in the lines of growth, expansion, conversions and returns on investments.

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SEO is continuously evolving, and it is essential for your website that you stay on top of the changes in the industry.  Search engine optimization is much more involved than it was just a few years ago.  There are tons of ranking factors that play a role to the search engine bots and affect your rankings. Our quiz is designed to help answer the common questions we see in the industry and from clients.  Enjoy this quiz to see if you have what it takes to become an SEO expert.

Feel free to share your score on Twitter and Facebook to see if your colleagues or friends can beat outsmart you.  This quiz was created using ContentTools.co.


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Local search has been a major emphasis point with Google, especially since rolling out the Pigeon update in the US, as well as a few other countries. Google wants local business to really succeed and it’s clear that this is not going to change as we move forward. I read an interesting article from Search Engine Land and not that anyone cares about my opinions, I wanted to give my two cents.

The article really focused on looking at the big picture with local search. You can’t just focus on one tactic and expect to be successful. More importantly, I can’t just try to copy what other people are doing because different businesses in different industries will have completely different strategies that make them successful. For example, national versus local clients, will have a very different strategy to get them good rankings, traffic and conversions. Even if the national and local clients are the same industry, there is going to be a completely different plan of attack.

You have to take a step back and evaluate what is going to work for your specific business. The core of SEO is not going anywhere. You will have to do keyword research properly, competitive analysis, on-page optimization, have a strong backlink profile, etc. However, with all these updates happening, it has forced us as internet marketers to be creative and think of different ways to attack specific target markets. SEO used to be a cookie cutter process where you build links at a rapid rate and you rank higher than the next guy, clearly we have come a very long way since then.

For businesses, especially local, you have to make sure you are on top of your local citations, really great content that speaks to your customer, utilize social media and Google My Business pages, and get as many great reviews as possible. Some of these things have become a little more difficult for business, more specifically eCommerce, because Google no longer allows businesses without a physical location create Google Business pages, but again, this is just another example where we as internet marketers need to be creative.

Focus your online marketing around EVRYTHING and not just ONE detail. It will take a well-rounded plan in order for any business to be successful.

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Why is local SEO important?
Local Search Engine Optimization is critical to your business being found in the SERPs. A statistic that was released by Google & Ipsos Study on Local Search Behavior found 80% of consumers use search engines for local information.  Yes the volume is more, but they are more likely to convert when it comes to a local search over a national search.  You’ll want to start putting focus on local searches and ways to expand your campaign.

Some of the most important tips for local SEO and ways to expand for the upcoming year are:

Tip #1 Domain Authority of Website
A solid link profile with high authority backlinks will help your domain become more recognized.  Don’t focus on just your search rankings. Building brand recognition and respect in your industry will hold more value in the long run of your SEO.

Tip #2 Consistency & Accuracy of NAP+W
Your business Name, Address, Phone Number & Website that is posted on citations must stay consistent and accurate to receive full benefits from citations. If you maintain the consistency of your citations, it can have a tremendous impact on your business’ appearance in local search results. Citations can be on websites like Yellow Pages, Hot Frog, Yelp, Foursquare, and Chamber of Commerce websites.

Tip #3 Location Modifiers on Landing Pages
Keep your local modifiers on the page it is most relevant.  Be sure to include your location in the Meta Title, Meta Description, H1 Tag, H2 Tag and in the URL.  This will help boost your local SEO for each landing page on your site.  And, of course, the content has to be targeted with some local modifiers, but be careful to not over optimize your landing page. Do not copy text from page to page and replace local modifiers. You can be hit with duplicate content by doing so, and as Google’s Panda algorithm targets sites with thin, duplicated, and low quality content, you must make sure all the pages are unique.

When you run a local business, there’s nothing more important than being found by new customers in your area. Focus on local SEO; use local modifiers in your targeted key terms, and pay attention to your citations. If you’re not already doing so, start concentrating on local in 2015.




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Let’s get right into it. Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI. Meaning you can’t cheat search engines. We have a keyword; say catering hall rentals in Burlington County. But how many times can we use that exact match term on a webpage with 500 words? 4? 5? Maybe 6, but then you might be pushing your luck. When utilizing LSI, you’re not stuffing that one keyword all over the page, you’re thinking of synonyms and other ways to get your point across.

Search marketing professionals and copywriters should get familiar with the term “Latent Semantic Indexing” as we head into 2015. It’s a way for you to convey to users a more natural way of speaking. User generated content with LSI.

Why LSI Keywords?

Google’s emphasis on LSI makes your site more visible for certain queries. Your webpage is made up of title tags, meta tags, H1 tags, and keywords, all of which are used to lure search engines to your site. If it’s clear you’re selling sports equipment, searches like baseball bats, hockey pads, helmets, and football gloves might trigger your site to show up in the results.

If you can incorporate the semantic terms in your article, along with the primary keywords, your content won’t sound forced and you can appear in results for searches of phrases you aren’t even targeting. Whether you’re writing a blog, whitepaper, or natural content for an interior page of your website, LSI keywords provide a number of benefits for your content. Here are just a few:

  • Engagement. You don’t want to bore your visitors. Users who land on your site are looking for information or a product. They don’t want to read the same keywords stuffed in the content four times in the first two sentences. Grab the attention quickly without running through your keyword density. When readers skim your content, you’ll be able to appeal to their needs when using LSI keywords.
  • Rankings. Everybody wants to see their organic rankings increase. As yours site gets indexed, search engines will use the semantic keywords to determine what your page is really about. Using this approach greatly enhances how they determine your content’s quality. Write for the reader by using synonyms, and the bots will take notice.
  • New Themes. Use the semantic indexing keywords to enhance the topics you choose to write about on the pages of your website. If you need ideas, use tool like the Google Keyword Planner or Trends or Alerts to understand what your target audience is searching for, and use the terms you find to your advantage.
  • Avoid Penalties. The latest Google algorithm changes are aimed at penalizing low quality sites and those that try to spam the search engines. Remain natural, don’t stuff your keywords, and allow your content to show up in search results for more than just the primary phrase’s query.

It’s important to deliver high quality content, but it’s more important to allow your readers to enjoy the content and find what they’re looking for without bouncing. Provide a natural experience, enable the crawlers to understand exactly what your page is about, and see your traffic, sales, and rankings increase. It can take some time to find the LSI keywords that work for your site, so tackle that obstacle as we ring in the New Year. Get started on researching and implementing LSI keywords. It’s beneficial, and it works.

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