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21 Reasons: What Makes A Good Strong Design And Quality Development When Building A Website From Scratch?

You have to start with a wireframe that allows you to organize and control content and placement a lot better, and in turn that helps the end user flow more freely and get a better experience. Also, designing the right

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Web-Hosted Fonts Can Transform Your Site

Just like the right accessories can make an outfit go from “so-so” to “ow-ow!” — web-hosted fonts can be the perfect finishing touches to really transform a website into a stunning piece of pixel-based art. Gone are the days when

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Halloween – the Time for Scary Costumes but not for Scary Websites

Even the most successful SEO strategy will only get your business so far. Sure, can get your website traffic up through SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) but if your bounce rate is still high, it most likely means

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Fall Cleaning – For Your Website!

It’s not officially fall until this Sunday, but it certainly feels like it. Cold weather, hoodies, pumpkin-flavored everything… definitely looks like autumn to me! For many, the changing of the seasons is a good reminder to do some spring (or

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Responsive vs. Mobile Sites – the Great Debate

If you’re into web design at all, you’ve most likely heard a lot of talk lately about “Responsive Design.” Let’s start by addressing what exactly Responsive Design is. In a Responsive website, the website adjusts according to which device it’s

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How To Make A Simple Wrapper In Dreamweaver Without Knowing Any Code

Today I am writing this Blog, I have to write about something techy, so I figured I would start with designing websites. There always seems to be a bit of confusion when it comes to the ins and outs of

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It’s all Greek to me: What is this Lorem Ipsum stuff anyway?

If you’ve ever worked with a graphic designer on a website or print project, there’s a good chance you’ve gotten a mock up back with what appears to be Greek words. It usually looks something like this: Lorem ipsum dolor

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The Variations of PHP Code

PHP code is probably the single most popular source used today. Why? It’s flexibility and scalability is second to none. It can be combined with virtually any other source to execute endless customizations. PHP is most effective when used with

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3 Things To Consider When Building A Mobile Website

Being one of’s resident code geeks, I owe it to myself and my reputation to keep abreast of trends in the Internet marketing game. One surprising statistic that was recently released is the growth in mobile search. Mobile search

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Design, Implement, ACTION!

My favorite part of building a website is hearing the results from that website. “I get so many more leads through my website, I get so many more calls from my website…” The compliments go on. The secret of it

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