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A Beginners Guide To Google Analytics

You just launched your brand new website, congrats! What an accomplishment! While you’re all giving out high-fives and enjoying that cold celebratory beer, you may not have thought about how you’re going to monitor all your sites traffic. Some people

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What You Should Know About Building A Website Before You Even Start

1. First you should always plan your layout and how you are going to be placing elements within your page structure. 2. What elements you should use to get the best results from search engines and user experiences. 3. What

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The Variations of PHP Code

PHP code is probably the single most popular source used today. Why? It’s flexibility and scalability is second to none. It can be combined with virtually any other source to execute endless customizations. PHP is most effective when used with

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The Dreaded Content Management System

The content management system or better known as “CMS.” With the wide array of available scripts today, it’s inevitable a developer will be called upon to make changes to a client CMS.  In most cases, they vary on several levels

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MOBILE and SEO – How To Make Them Come Together

As a society we become more and more reliant on technology. Whether it’s our need for faster results or our couch potato mentality, we are always looking for the easy way out.  Our mobile phones and other mobile devices like

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Should You Be Favoring Your Social Media Site Over Your Website?

As I sit here and evaluate how Facebook continues to grow and their potential talks of a search engine, I know they are going to be around for quite some time (in my opinion anyway). However when I saw that

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3 Things To Consider When Building A Mobile Website

Being one of 1SEO.com’s resident code geeks, I owe it to myself and my reputation to keep abreast of trends in the Internet marketing game. One surprising statistic that was recently released is the growth in mobile search. Mobile search

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Choosing The Right CMS

CMS’s have come a long way in the last few years, they come built in multiple languages, run on multiple web servers, and each offer nice features for those building websites or intranet systems with them. Choosing the right CMS

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The Legacy of Steve Jobs and How We Viewed the Internet

No one man in the last 20 years has affected the way we live more than Steve Jobs. You may not see it evident but it’s all around us. You have only as far as your smartphone to look to

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SEO—The Secret Ingredient To Winning On The Web

When building a website or an online presence for you brand, there are many things to consider.  There is always design vs functionality, there is ecommerce vs blog, etc.  The ONE commonality all successful websites share is that they are

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  • Ranked #1  In The Country
    Ranked #1 In The Country
    1SEO.com Was Ranked #1 Digital Agency in the Country by Search Engine Journal.
  • Linkedin Influencers
    Linkedin Influencers
    Lance Bachmann Is a Linkedin Influencer. Awarded to the Top Leaders in their field
  • Executive Management Awards
    Executive Management Awards
    Jolin Bachmann Was Awarded A 2014 Executive Management Award
  • topseos.com Awards 1SEO.com
    topseos.com Awards 1SEO.com
    topseos.com, the independent authority on internet marketing, has issued the ratings of the top web development consultants announcing 1SEO.com the second top web development company for March 2014.
  • Top 5 In Philadelphia
    Top 5 In Philadelphia
    1SEO.com Came in at number 5
  • U.S. Search Awards 2013
    U.S. Search Awards 2013
    1SEO.com was Nominated for 3 awards at the US Search Awards.