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Optimizing images for the site is a complicated process. You have to get the perfect balance between file size and image quality. Look at any website, and you will find that most of its load is due to images. Image optimization is done to prevent your site from becoming unnecessarily slow.

Heavy images cost you both e-traffic & also lots of money. They cost you money because they require both considerable storage space and bandwidth. Web hosts usually provide limited storage space and maximum data transfer allowance, heavy graphics can lead to excessive use of these resources, in which case you'll have to pay extra.

Also an efficient website is one which is quick to load & provide the audience with ideal content which thus attracts more traffic compared to slow websites. If you happen to be running an e-commerce website, you already know that traffic equals money, so heavy graphics will make you lose both.

At 1SEO we understand the need for image optimized website to provide you with apt Image optimization solutions. Your images should be in either .gif or .jpg formats (.gif works best for logos and navigation buttons, while .jpg works best for photographs). The idea is to reduce the size of your graphics so that they take as few bytes as possible while retaining acceptable quality.

There are three key areas where bytes can be shaved off your graphics: bit depth (number of colors), resolution, and dimension.

Following are few benefits of 1SEO's image optimization services:

  • Convert to the best graphic file format (JPEG, GIF & PNG)
  • Minimize file size while maintaining quality
  • Optimize images for clarity and bandwidth/download efficiency
  • Speed up site load time to satisfy your customers
  • Increase profits and slash bandwidth costs
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