Publishing is more than million dollars industry. If e-publishing is joined along with publishing, then, you can very well get a fair idea on how huge this industry can really turn out to be. Internet has provided the impetus to publishing industry leading to its growth and development. Internet publishing is growing by leaps and bounds than the traditional publishing. It has also given new lease of life to people who just want to write, but had no podium to express their thoughts and ideas.

Blogs and articles have given the way out in a phenomenal way, and new stream of online writers have emerged. Blog and article submission websites have created an effective space for the new generation blog and article writers. The submission sites have turned out to be a huge e-publishing medium where writers write and get instant comments on their blogs and articles.

Internet publishing or e-publishing has also paved the way to the new age authors. Whether it is a ghost author, or book author, e-publishing is fast proving to be a lucrative medium for these genres of new age authors. Similarly, both, publishing and e-publishing has also opened the threshold for new novel and novella writers who are taking the pride and the accolades of being novelists. Whether it is dime novel, or dystopian novel, or epistolary novel, or erotic novel, or fantasy novel, or for that matter anything under the sun, publishing industry is experimenting on new thoughts. It’d not be wrong to put that publishing in the internet age is passing through renaissance.

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