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Role of social networking sites in internet marketing

Social Networks Hype Cycle
Social Media Networking Sites

Social Networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, and Myspace etc allow the internet users to form communities online very quickly and easily from groups of friends to business networking. These groups of individuals have become gold mine for internet marketers who can post their messages to the targeted market on social networking sites at a very little price and sometimes free too.
However, while it has proved to be a lucrative business for some, there are others who also are abusing it. Social networking sites have become an easily abused internet marketing tool forcing the sites to crack down on new types of spam. The spam is a result of people artificially inflating friends count through mass-adding of members. The owners of these profiles sometimes market their own products or charge others to have their URL blasted to the bulletin board of thousands of other members.
Not to say that social networking spam does not work, but surely there is very little response for the marketing effort and rarely there is a decent offer on investment in comparison to other marketing strategies because of the following reasons:
1. Large social networking accounts rarely comprise of the targeted members and therefore, members seeing the message may not be members of the target market unless and until someone is marketing Myspace resource site or a brand marketing to legitimate fans.
2. Many of these paid posts in bulletin form are only highly visible in limited quantities, based on post time and only when a member is logged in. Therefore, most members won’t even see the message.
3. Even if the targeted members of a market see the message, there is very little likelihood of response and this is quite common in most direct marketing methods.

If you are looking at the effective ways of using social networking for internet marketing, follow the following instruction and take it from there:

1. Develop a highly targeted friend’s list rather than using bots.
2. As much as possible, welcome new members personally to your network.
3. Message members from the target market when they are online.
4. Offer something that has value like news or exclusive information in your posts rather than sending only links.
5. Contact members regularly to keep the message in front of them but do not over do to look like a spammer.
6. Join groups on social networking sites related to the niche and promote them without violating the group rule.
Abusing the facility will only land you on the wrong side and reap no benefits. Therefore, follow rules and stick to them irrespective of how long it takes you to achieve success. Now, you have the basic idea what a social media website can do in the area of internet marketing.

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