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1SEO.com works with WordPress to put great content and/or websites on the web for many of its clients. Ultimately, Wordpress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform (powered by PHP and MySQL) that is tailored to be used as a content management system. 1SEO.com (as well as our clients) are able to re-arrange the controls without editing PHP or HTML code; better yet, we can install and switch themes tailored to your liking! The PHP and HTML code in the themes can be edited for any advanced modifications that you desire. WordPress also features integrated link management; a search engine-friendly—clean permalink structure with the ability to assign packed/multiple categories to articles as well as assistance in the tagging of posts and articles. Automatic filters are included in Wordpress providing systematized formatting and styling of text in articles (for example, converting regular quotes to bold quotes!)


There are many more features of a WordPress website or blog that make it superior to an ordinary/static website (which are often built once and never updated again.) When it comes to search engine optimization (as well as social media optimization) many of these features are taken care of automatically, requiring little or no effort on your part as 1SEO.com does all the work necessary to make sure it is integrated successfully!


The blogging features in WordPress allows 1SEO.com (as well as you) to update your website/blog as much as you'd like. Together we are both able to receive and respond to comments from your readers thus allowing new visitors to subscribe to your site content via RSS. This is not only great for your users, but it is also great for search engines—because search engines love fresh content!


WordPress will allow us to create and edit new web pages and blog posts using only a web browser. The WordPress editing interface is very easy to use. It works a lot like simple word-processing software. In its creation, (on or as your site) we will share administrative logins, as well as give various levels of access to others who you want contributing to your website/blog. Being that the interface is web-based, editing can be done from any location with an Internet connection!


WordPress designs are based on “Themes.” 1SEO.com's web designers can create themes composed of images and CSS webpage layouts. This makes it very easy for us to customize the look and feel of your WordPress site using a pre-existing theme and a new page layout created in Photoshop (or a layout imported into Photoshop from a QuarkXPress PDF, an Acrobat PDF, InDesign PDF, etc.). Also, we can easily drop a company's logo onto the page!


WordPress pages ultimately allow you to manage all your content easily. For more information on how beneficial Wordpress is, or if you want to have 1SEO.com build your site or blog with Wordpress, contact us today!


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